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Study Types

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A good education will help you grow. And an international degree can offer you an amazing life experience and a better start for your chosen career. Across the globe, over 5 million students are enjoying world class teaching at overseas universities – with 24%, that just over 1.1m choosing one of the 5,300 universities and colleges in the US.

Endless opportunities.

As an international student you have the opportunity to attend thousands of universities worldwide and choose from millions of potential degrees. Plus, many degree options can overlap different areas of study, while many of the top professions (such as medicine or law) have varied requirements.

Total support.

Whatever your talent and interests, at FirstPoint, we’ll help you find the right fit, both academically and culturally. Guiding you through all the options, while providing you and your family with help and advice from application to graduation.

Here, you’ll find some details of the most popular degree choices. But with more specialist courses covering everything from puppetry and taxidermy, to clownology and bowling industry management & technology, we’ll help find the best way to follow your passion.

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