Wrestling Scholarships in America

NCAA Collegiate wrestling, like its international counterpart, freestyle wrestling, has its main origins in catch-as-catch-can wrestling.  In both styles, the ultimate goal is to pin the opponent to the mat, which results in an immediate win.

The NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships for individual and team wrestling were first officially awarded in 1929 and have been awarded annually since.

At the NCAA Wrestling Championships, which also crown individual champions, a points system is used to determine the team champion. The Oklahoma State University have won more NCAA team championships than any other school, having won the title 34 times (includes 3 unofficial titles), most recently in 2006. The school with the second most championships is the University of Iowa with 23 NCAA titles.

A wrestling scholarship can cover many, sometimes all, of the costs associated with earning a university degree.  In return, the student-athlete will represent the university in their respective sport and maintain a good level of academic performance.

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