Life as a Student Athlete

It is important for you to know that you are going to be both a full-time student and a full-time athlete; simultaneously. 

You will be one of possibly 30,000 students on campus, going to class, pursuing a degree in any subject you are interested in.  From business to law to sports science, there is a wide selection of degrees available for you to choose from. 

As a full-time athlete, you will be one of 600 elite athletes, scouted from around the world, to come in and represent one of the sport teams at the university.  The Athletic Department houses all of the sports on campus and employs around 1,000 full-time staff who look after the needs of the athletes, both on and off the field.  As a student, you will be attending classes five days a week for 5-6 hours per day.  The 30,000 students may know who you are, as you are a college athlete, but there is no preferential treatment given when it comes to coursework.  You have to get the work done in the same fashion as it would be expected of the other students.  As an athlete, you will be training double/triple sessions for 6 days per week.  You will likely have at least 2 games per week with half of the games taking place away from home.  America is a large country, therefore flying 6-7 hours for a game is not unusual and you would find that 2-3 away  games in a row is the equivalent of 7 - 14 days of being away from campus.  During this time you are expected to keep on top of your academics and maintain good grades. 

Top-performing college athletes will be household names throughout the country and this, along with your playing and academic commitments, adds further pressure on you to perform at the highest level possible.  In summary, being a college athlete involves -: leaving home, travelling thousands of miles to a foreign country, on your own, taking on the challenge of a university degree and all the academic responsibilities that go with that, whilst being a full-time athlete, in the most competitive sporting environment on the planet, training 6 days a week, playing 2 times a week, across a large country, under the spotlight on coaches, your teammates and the fans.  If you think you can handle a life like this, then you may just be who we are looking for.