In addition to the reviews below, Feel free to contact us to leave a review if you have ever been on the FirstPoint USA program. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

Adam Thomson

"Everything is going fantastic over here and I am very happy with my choice to attend the University Of Mary Washington. Rugby-wise things are fantastic, we are 3-1 in our conference when the press were expecting us to go 0-9 in our new D1 conference. Academically there has been an adjustment period with this being the first time I have been in an academic setting in about three years but everything is slowly coming together. "

Callum Porteous

"I couldn’t be happier here, starting to make an impression on the team and got my first start on Saturday. The team here are something else, they are very decent, we beat Pfiffer which haven’t been beaten in 28 games, The rankings has put us at 2nd in the nation which we are determined to keep! unfortunately we got beat off of barry who was on an unbeaten run but our record is 7-1-1 which is still amazing.

The university is going good, gotten A’s so far. The mentality our here is so different, we finish training and then go straight to the library and because everyone is doing it i don’t feel like it is a chore.

I have changed my major from Psychology to International Business Management just due to the time I’m going to be in school as psychology would be another 7 years of education."

Zola Mafolo

"Just a quick Hi, from Shaw university in North Carolina, just wanted to say thank you to all the help you have given me to get me out here. As we have started a new team from nothing we won't be playing NCAA div 2 matches until next spring but we've been training and getting ready for varsity football. I've really enjoyed my first month here and have already learnt a lot."

Sinclair Clinton

"Thank you for your email. I am feeling all the emotions but yes I have been told by many it is normal to being feeling this way. I am still very excited to get over there and start playing.

Thank you very much and I appreciate not only the time you have taken over this past 12-18 months but also the time of everyone else at Firstpoint who have played a part in getting me to the US.

Thank you for the advice, myself and my Dad are making a pack in which i will carry on the plane with me which will definitely include my I-20 document.

Once again I just want to thank you from both Myself and my Dad."

Sam Fearon

"Great thankyou guys for the help especially the last minute college and if I do need anything within the future I will be sure to contact you!"

Sam Todd

"I arrived at UWA today....flew in to Birmingham last night and stayed over before being picked up this morning. Got to say I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far. Accommodation sorted out by coach Thorne is top class. The university campus looks very impressive.

Thanks for all your efforts over the last few months...not been an easy job but we got here!"

Michael Tarpey

"Thanks for everything you've done over the past two year process. Moving all my stuff in today so very excited! 

I'll be sure to keep you updated with everything and good luck with your future endeavours. "

George Sully

"I would like to thank all of the FirstPoint staff that have helped me throughout the process of obtaining a scholarship to the USA. I genuinely don't believe that I could of done it by myself so the help you have a given me, as well as advice has been second to none. I'll certainly keep in touch and let you know how I get on out there, I'll also email to say when I've booked my flights after my visa interview on the 12th August.

So a huge thank you to you and the firstpoint team for your service and help, allowing me to get where I want to be. Everyone involved in my process were incredibly friendly and helpful and I'm very glad that I chose firstpoint to aid me with my scholarship dreams!"

Jake Scott Gormal

"Thanks a lot ross. And thanks very much to everyone else at first point who's helped along the way!"

Nick Horsley

"Thanks John Paul, I'll keep in touch and let you know how I get on, once again many thanks to you and everyone involved at FirstPointUSA in allowing me to take on such a great opportunity "

Zolo Mafolo

"Thank you John and everyone at first point USA

I'm so excited to be studying and playing out there, I will most certainly keep in touch and again I appreciate all the help and support you have given me."

Miles Nathan Allanson

"Thank you for your help, I am Looking forward to getting there now!  Its been full on doing all the paperwork and visa stuff etc!"

Luke Wakeling

"As you can imagine I'm very excited and a little nervous. Likewise it's been a long time coming but it looks like I'm finally going to get out there! Thank you for all you have done so far, finding me a good college! Will inform you how it is all going.  Have had a slight problem with my shoulder which hasn't enables me to train fully the last week but nothing that should be a long term problem. "

Lewis Murray

"Thank you John , you and everyone at first point have been a great help through out the process. I am really looking forward to this new chapter in my life."

Sinclair Clinton

"I would just like to thank you for all your help since I was accepted into the Firstpoint team. My Dad and I are extremely appreciative of the work you and your team have done behind the scenes to get me there.

 I am happy to let you know that I have officially received a scholarship to play rugby at Central Washington University, which I am so excited about. I know that this wouldn’t have occurred without your help, and the help of the Firstpoint USA team. So thank you once again."

Sandra Sibbald, Parent of Tom

"Very impressed with FirstPoint USA from the very start!....and the lucky so and so is really living the dream thanks to you guys!"

Annette Mashingaidze, Parent of Taku

"I may have taken a while to write to you but it has been on my mind since Taku left for USA, that I have to write and thank you immensely for the role you and your excellent and very supportive team played for Taku to eventually achieve his ambition to attend a College that would give him the opportunity to pursue his passion.  Naturally like any mother I was a bit apprehensive because he had never left home before let alone going overseas on his own. But now seeing how happy he is and well settled I couldn't be happier myself for him. I sincerely wish him well and all the best in his life and we all know that we owe it all to you and your team, you certainly are making these boys and girls dreams come true. "

Thanks a million Andrew. God bless. Forever grateful

Richard Pemberton, Parent of Matt Pemberton

"I just wanted to express my thanks to all at firstpoint for the great service and support you provided during the 2 years he was with you. In particular I would like to mention Simone Enrici, who was a great support to him at all the client games and the showcase but most of all during those last few weeks before his departure, he really did go the extra mile and I am very grateful. Best Wishes for your ongoing success."

Rudi McWhirr, Soccer player

"Socially it’s probably the best thing i've got going, made a ton of new pals and even got myself an American girfriend haha. Chattanooga is really nice. Football wise things are coming together a bit for me. I was really out of shape and form at the start of the year cos of my injury, and I had a bit of an injury relapse a few weeks ago so I was struggling. I've played a couple games for the JV and bagged a couple goals, and I made my first appearance for the Varsity last night against Martin Methodist."

Lee Betteridge, Soccer player

"I wanted to email to thank yourself especially and all of the team at FirstPoint USA for helping me achieve this goal, I really feel that I am in the right place to advance both my golfing and academic careers. This is a great opportunity for me and without the help of FirstPoint USA I'd of had no idea where to begin and it's doubtful that I would have found a placement like this. Thank you for all your help and expertise throughout this process."

Alan Vale, Parent of Rhea Vale

Quick update on Rhea’s progress, she has settled in and is still loving the experience, her football is going well and she got Athlete of the week for McPherson (below) and has made it to the top 10 KCAC leader board (below) for points and goals. She is still a starter for all games and was made Captain for the last game, hopefully she can keep up the performances.

Karin Muya, Soccer Player

I have been super busy with everything at Notre Dame. I just wanted to thank you so much for working with me this past year, it has been a pleasure getting to know you and everyone else at First Point and I wouldn't of even dreamed of attending Notre Dame without the help and support from you. I really hope to keep in touch and you can follow my team on twitter @ NDsoccer or visit the athletic website if you would like to keep updated, I would be more than happy to recommend First Point to anyone or be used as an advocate.

Neil Shakeshaft

"FirstPoint USA have made me realise what I can achieve, gave me an insight into what I can expect and guide me down the path of promoting myself, all advice provided has been concise and accurate. In addition to the reviews listed below, FirstPoint USA have a dedicated review website: Feel free to browse our updated reviews on this website, and leave a review if you have been on the FirstPoint USA program. All reviews are much appreciated.

FirstPoint USA has been a great help, they have provided the different colleges and options to us and helped us get to the stage we are now.

FirstPoint USA have made me realise what I can achieve, gave me an insight into what I can expect and guide me down the path of promoting myself, all advice provided has been concise and accurate."

Beth Pryor

"FirstPoint USA helped me with getting my profile out there to so many teams so I am known to a range of colleges all over America making the recruitment process a lot easier. They then know who I am, best times, what I want to achieve. They have been great at getting my name out there and known and familiar with the tough recruitment process. They contacted teams personally on my behalf and offered great advice as the whole process can be very confusing.

Without FirstPoint USA I would never be going to University in America. They made all the contacts for me, and created the opportunities to get me noticed by the universities who could offer me places. If it wasn't for them I would not be heading off to university next week."

Chris Thompson

"I feel FirstPoint USA helped me when I was going through the process and gave me a lot of good advice. I feel the staff put a lot of time and effort in securing the right place for me to be at in America.

FirstPoint USA has helped me find a college which offers a high standard of soccer and academics which I appreciate.

FirstPoint USA have helped me a lot as without finding out about the scheme then I never would have known about it. The guys made me believe I was good enough to go across and play and I hope to be a part of the many successful players to come from FirstPoint USA.

FirstPoint USA has helped me turn the possibility of going to the states to play soccer and going to college into a reality. Initially FirstPoint USA made me aware of the college soccer system and once I decided to go through with it and express my talent they helped me get in contact with a number of colleges and received scholarship offers. FirstPoint USA helped me choose the right college for me giving me advice and direction as I went along."

Ross Matthew

"FirstPoint USA is excellent! They put me in touch with several colleges and I received lots of offers. They also helped me make a tough decision on where to go."

Richard Masters

"FirstPoint USA set me up with a good deal at such a short amount of time. They provided me with the confidence in my game to give me the belief of being able to get out there and succeed."

Paul Allison

"For me, FirstPoint USA did all the hard work for me; I can't thank Andrew enough! Hopefully I can prove to them that I was worth the investment and others can see how they do their job to their full potential."

Oscar Navraez

"FirstPoint USA have helped me locate a team and helped me improve as a footballer, giving me a stepping stone to becoming a professional."

Nuala Deans

"FirstPoint USA helped me achieve exposure and secured a scholarship within a short time frame."

Matthew Shields

"FirstPoint USA gave me options because they gave my details to a number of US coaches who showed interest in me. Also, there seems to be lots of pitfalls in the process of gaining the scholarship and then actually getting to the states, this when going through FirstPoint USA helps because they have sent hundreds of boys over and have had all sorts of problems to deal with. So they are able to guide you because of their past experiences."

Kevin Brown

"FirstPoint USA initiated contact with a number of coaches throughout the United States on my behalf. They gave details of my ability and set up games where coaches could assess me for themselves. As a result I had many options and different locations I could have chosen to study at."

Johnathan Doyle

"FirstPoint USA have been very easy to deal with and done their best to get me a good scholarship at a college."

Jon Daniels, Athletic Director and Golf Coach

"I find Andrew and his staff at FirstPoint USA to be professional and helpful. I have been in contact with several of his recruits and find them to be genuine and most respectful. I always look forward to working with FrstPoint USA and their staff."

Patrick Brett, Head Coach

"I have found FirstPoint USA a source of access to very good prospects from the UK and beyond. Last year was our first venture into the overseas market and the player we brought in through FirstPoint USA became our leading goal-scorer and helped us to our best season ever since the formation of the soccer programme. The staff at FirstPoint USA have always been prompt in responding to my questions and has often been ahead of the game in contacting me with an enquiry as to my upcoming needs. It opens a door that would otherwise take a lot of time and hard work to break through. I heartily recommend FirstPoint USA to any USA college coach and player, no matter what level you are at."

Sandy Terry, Head Men's & Women's Golf Coach

"I have found FirstPoint USA to be the most helpful of all recruiting services when it comes to making sure that all their players have all their paperwork in on time."

Gerry Brennan

"I'm having a great time over here. The sun is splitting the stones every day, it's great! I've been playing in every game so far so I'm doing really well. Thanks for everything."

Arthur Barclay, Regional Manager, PSYBT

"FirstPoint USA's Andrew Kean was supported and funed by the Prince's Scottish Youth Business Trust, and has acclaimed numerous achievements; Scotsman of the Year awards finalist, Shell LiveWIRE Nationalist Finalist, BT Scotland Young Entrepreneur, Royal Bank of Scotland/PSYBY Business Award for Young Entrepeneurs."

Duncan Weir, The Royal & Ancient Golf Club, St. Andrews

"My four years at William & Mary University were some of the happiest of my life and the opportunity to play NCAA College Golf is something I would highly recommend."

Neville Hay, Father of Adam

"With your assistance he was offered a placement at Martin Methodist in Tennessee some two years ago. Adam is going well, he has not lost his passion for football, he has passed his coaching in Alabama during time out from Martin Methodist where he is studying for a teaching degree. Without your assistance he may not have been in this position."

John & Liz Carroll, parents of Greg

"My wife and I visited Greg in Ohio in September and we are delighted with the school and the people he is mixing with. Football wise, he is doing really well, we watched four games while we were there. Thank you for the assistance provided by FirstPoint USA in helping Greg and do not hesitate to use the Carroll family as a referral for anyone hoping to senf their sons to America."

Robert Wilson

"My name is Robert Wilson from Paisley (Scotland) and I came through FirstPoint USA over 4 years ago. I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the amazing opportunity that your company provided for me and how it has impacted my life."

Chris Burns

"Everything is awesome here; classes are getting a bit tougher. I qualified in top space for the first tournament. We are flying out to Tennessee on Saturday, can't wait!! Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it."

Daniel Ogunmade

"Thanks for all your help in getting me out to the US, it is very much appreciated. Things are going ok, it's roasting out here! Thanks again."

Kevin Gallagher

"Just thought I would give you an email to let you know that's me settled now in Florida. We had our first day of pre-season today. It's roasting all day but I'll get used to it, eventually! I just want to thank you and the rest of the guys for your help in getting me here, I will always appreciate it. I will keep you updated on how I get on. Thanks for your help."

Jack Falvey

"I wouldn't be hear if it wasn't for you and the people at FirstPoint USA! So thank you greatly for that!  I will defintely keep you up to date with everything."

Sina Adekoya, Mother of Edgar

"I would like to thank First Point USA for the time and effort put in to secure Edgar a placement at college in America. He seems very happy in Cincinnati. So, thanks again to John Paul Boyle for all his help with the many scholarship offers Edgar received from all the different colleges. We will keep in touch."

Jonah Sinclair

"Thanks to all the First Point team out there in Scotland. It would've been impossible without your guidance and I will certainly recommend the company to anyone with similar ambitions as me. I will keep you updated on my progress! Have a great summer!"

Simon Baker, Father of Maisie

"It was Maisie's 1st day training at the University of Miami today! She flew out Sunday, big thanks to all at First Point USA, keep in touch and send any future parents/clients to me for references. Regards Simon."

Czeslaw Mamos

"Thank you for everything that the people at FirstPoint USA have done for me over the course of the past 12 months. I am very excited to be attending Webber International University. I will be sure to keep in contact with First-point USA, and let you know how I am suiting to life in sunny Florida."

John Haist

"I've just arrived here in the US and I've been pretty overwhelmed by it all. Thank you to everyone at FirstPoint for working with me and making this next step in my life possible. I am very happy over here at the beginning of my new life and very grateful to all of you in Glasgow for his opportunity. Most of all I would like to thank John Paul Boyle for working closely with me by emailing/phoning me regularly, and helping to make this dream of mine to become real even when there were times last year when I thought it might not happen."

Cameron Pashley

"Thought I'd give you a quick email to say cheers for all your help this past year! Couldn't have done it without you and the guys at firstpoint, cheers and I'll keep in touch with what's going on!"

Tom Dawson

"Been here a few days now all settled in, unbelievable location and trainings going well, just wanted to say thank you for all your help it's seriously appreciated by me and my family"

Nicholas Croucher

"Thank you for everything FirstPoint and for helping me get to this point."

Annemarie Morris

"Thank you for all your help. It has been a pleasure working with FirstPoint and thank you for all your help and support over the past year. It means a lot."

Sina Adekoka

”I would like to thank Firstpointusa, for the  time and effort put in to secure Edgar, a placement at college in America.
Edgar, seems to be happy at CincinnatiSate.    So, thanks again John Paul, for your help with all the offers received from all the different colleges.
We will keep in touch.”

Mackenzie Young

“Everything's great, Thanks very much for everything you have done for me to let me get out here and play!
The heat is unbelievable though it's going to take me a long time to adapt to it”

Alex McMiken

“Thanks , I really appreciate everything that everyone at Firstpoint has done for me”

Jonah Sinclair

“Thanks John and thanks to all the firstpoint team out there in Scotland. It would've been impossible without your guidance and I will certainly recommend the company to anyone with similar ambitions as me. I will keep you updated on my progress! Have a great summer!”

Simon Baker

"Maisie's dad here ! It was her 1st day training at Miami today! She flew out Sunday , big thanks to all at first point, keep in touch and send any future parents/clients to me for references etc"

Elmear Redding

"Thank you and thanks everyone at first point. It was also a pleasure working with you's"

Thomas Sloan

“Thanks to everyone at FirstPoint for your help throughout this process. I am very excited by the prospect and fly out for a holiday in Florida tomorrow then on to Mount Aloysius directly afterwards starting on the 18th August. I will keep you posted on how things go”

Scott Brown

"Thanks very much to you and all the staff at firstpointusa, great people to work with right from start to finish.
I fly over on Wednesday to start living the dream!"

Luke Connor

"Thank you very much, I'll be sure to be in touch. I am very grateful for all the hard work and support FPUSA has given me."

Darren Holmes

“Thanks very much I appreciate it and everything you have done to help me get to where for is a dream college”