How To Get Scouted

There are millions of prospective scholarship athletes around the world, but only a lucky few will be given the opportunity to pursue both their academic and sporting careers at an American university.

  • Are you receiving emails and questionnaires from college coaches?

  • Have you registered with the NCAA Eligibility Centers?

  • Are you academically eligible to be recruited for college sports?

  • Do you understand the 4 main phases of college recruiting and how they affect you as a potential prospect?

  • Do you really know where you are in the process?

  • Have you already invested a great amount of time & money training to be a good athlete, but the results are not paying off because you're still not being recruited?

  • Are you likely to be overlooked because coaches are not sending you letters and questionnaires?

What are my options?

There are two options for you to consider when deciding how best to secure a sports scholarship to an American university.

Option 1 - would be for you to consider pursuing a sports scholarship on your own.  This is not always easy, but it is certainly possible.  All of the information required is available online and this is a popular route for many scholarship hopefuls. There is clearly a reason why we exist, however the main benefit of pursuing the scholarship process by yourself is that it is completely free to do so.

Option 2 - would be to sign with FirstPoint USA. This means that you would have to pay a fee for our services and we would handle all aspects of the scholarship process on your behalf.  All FirstPoint student-athletes benefit from utilising our expertise, experience and network whilst saving you the time and hassle of the scholarship process; ensuring a successful outcome for you and your family.

FirstPoint’ service has evolved over the years and has been successful in securing scholarship for over 7,500 sportsmen & women to colleges and universities across the United States of America.