There are two options for you to consider when deciding how best to secure a sports scholarship to an American university. 

Option 1 - would be for you to consider pursuing a sports scholarship on your own.  This is not always easy, but it is certainly possible.  All of the information required is available online and this is a popular route for many scholarship hopefuls. There is clearly a reason why we exist, however the main benefit of pursuing the scholarship process by yourself is that it is completely free to do so. 

Option 2 - would be to sign with FirstPoint USA. This means that you would have to pay a fee for our services and we would handle all aspects of the scholarship process on your behalf.  All FirstPoint student-athletes benefit from utilising our expertise, experience and network whilst saving you the time and hassle of the scholarship process; ensuring a successful outcome for you and your family. 

FirstPoint USA's service has evolved significantly over the years and has been successful in securing scholarships for over 7,500 sportsmen & women to colleges and universities across the United States of America. 

OUR FEES: £2850.00 (British Pounds)

This is a one-off fee and entitles our student-athletes to the Firstpoint USA service that lasts for approximately 5 years; with the first year focused on securing suitable scholarship opportunities, and the years that follow providing mentoring and pastoral support to the athlete during their time in America.

The company has been recognised as a NCAA-certified agency since 2012 and we employ a team of 37 full-time staff who work from our London, Manchester and Glasgow offices.

Former FirstPoint student-athletes include 2016 Masters Champion, Danny Willett; and HSBC Shanghai Masters Champion, Russell Knox.

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FirstPoint USA Service

 Academic Evaluation & Conversion Report

 GPA Analysis & Calculation

 Pre-Qualification of Athletic Eligibility

 NCAA & NAIA Compliance Solutions

 University Placement & Planning

 University Admissions Assistance

 Video Portfolio

 Sports Marketing & Promotion

 Student Visa Assistance

 Showcase Participation

 FPUSA Scholarship Handbook

 SAT Test Prep & Guidance

 Academic Scholarship Search

 College Deferment Option

 US University Transfer Assistance

 Post-Graduate Study Assistance

 Payment Plan Option

 Pastoral Care & Aftercare Support


The following are a list of costs that are not included within FirstPoint’s service fee that may be worth consideration.  Please note, that not all will be applicable to you:



Flights to the USA

£500 (per year)

The SAT Exam

£78 (one-off)

F1 Student Visa

£280 (one-off)

Health Insurance

£350 (per year)

NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Centre

£80 (one-off)

Social Costs (Cinema, Shopping, etc)


 TOEFL *(for non-UK nationals)

£150 (one-off)

Tuition & Fees *(if on partial scholarship)